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Platforms and Equipment

Geophysical Innovations and Services Inc. can provide the following platforms and geophysical equipment:

Turbine Air Tractor

Helicopter system

Helicopter system

Geophysical equipment

Magnetic data is collected with Geometrics G822 digital Cesium Vapor sensors. Compensation to remove aircraft effects is done with RMS AARC 500 / 510 compensators. Sample frequency is 20 Hz.

Radiometric data are collected with Radiation Solutions RS-500 advanced digital airborne gamma-ray spectrometers.

Horizontal navigation is carried out using AGNAV LINAV systems driven by real-time differential GPS. Vertical navigation is carried out with laser or radar altimeter. Navigational accuracy is better than 2 metres.

Data are acquired using a purposely built industrial grade Pentium 4 computer running XAGSoft acquisition software.

Geophysical and navigational systems are monitored by the pilot using a pilot's interface program displayed on a cockpit mounted touch screen. The complete system is designed to be a pilot-only operation.

Data quality control in the field and final processing are done with Geosoft's Oasis Montaj software and Emigma's QCTOOLS.

Final processing is done using Geosoft, Intrepid (NASVD), Globalmapper and Encom Technology (Profile Analyst and Modelvision).